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Safety & Quality Policy

Policy for Quality and Safety

The Company's main objectives are the constant preservation of the optimal health and safety conditions in the workplace, and the complete satisfaction of all the needs and expectations of our Clients, through planning, development, verification of procedures on land and at sea, as well as the continuous improvement of the key processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.



Respect of the UAE Labor Laws in place, contract law and all the applicable requirements in order to prevent any accidents and/or offences committed in the violation of the maritime/workplace health and safety laws.


Analysis of the context to promptly identify risks and opportunities, to eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level the former and exploit the latter.

Periodic evaluation of risks related to health and safety in the workplace, with the consequent elimination of the identified risks or, whether that is not possible, with their reduction to the minimum in relation with the acquired knowledge and through the technical or procedural process.

Pursuit of the improvement of flexibility, where necessary, for the implementation of the Client's needs in the planning and realization of the charter event, and to react to any external requests.

Guarantee maximum attention to the Client's needs from the moment they book to the moment they disembark, including the after charter follow up.

Improve the culture around safety involving all human resources both internally and externally (suppliers and contractors) in the training  and valorization of owned specialized knowledge and information.

Keep adequate procedures for Clients in order to preserve their safety when on board the vessel.

Plan and systematically check the company process, training of employees and maintenance of equipment and systems.


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