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Yacht Rental & Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina

Discover our handpicked collection of luxury yacht dinner cruises or plan your yacht birthday party in Dubai on board one of our exclusive yachts equipped with Jacuzzi, state-of-the art sound systems, and curated menus. We are among the finest private yacht rental companies in Dubai for couples. With unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the yacht charter industry, our team can help you pick the best yacht for a romantic gateway and arrange every last detail, from flowers to champagne, a butler and more. We are here to look after you from the moment you book with us to the moment you leave.





Our location is easy to reach and close to all the restaurants, bars and shops in Dubai Marina Mall. Hotel pick up and drop off is available at convenient rates.  

We have designed the layout of all our yachts with three things in mind: space, comfort and cleanliness. Indoor areas are all airconditioned and spacious sky decks give you plenty of room to spread out and relax or party.

You can charter a yacht by the hour and bring your own food and drinks or experience our world class services and hospitality by choosing our carefully curated dining arrangements with gourmet dishes and beverage packages. Total flexibility allows you to rent a yacht in Dubai at the best price.

Luxury Yacht Cruises in Dubai

Boat Hire with Captain | Megayachts | Dinner Cruises


AED 690 – AED 5,900 per hour
12 – 27 meter yachts


AED 5,990 – AED 14,990 per hour

47 – 73 meter yachts


AED 199 – AED 499 per person

47 – 73 meter megayachts


AED 3,900 – AED 6,900 per hour

27 – 47 meter cultural boats


Bluewaters Island - Atlantis - Burj al Arab - Palm Jumeirah - Sheik Island - Dubai Canal


$ 4,800 – $ 6,500 per hour
9 passengers 



With bespoke trips tailored to our guests’ desires, our luxury charter fleet offers the most diverse and exclusive cruises in Dubai. We know that no two trips are the same, so we design engaging yacht experiences that are uniquely yours and catered to your passions and interests. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and will arrange every last detail with precision and confidence. Discover our handpicked collections of the finest yachts in Dubai.



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Inspiring free spirits and lifestyle travelers in their journey of discovering Dubai. Because a destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. These articles are written to expand your prospective, inform you, excite you and create incredible travel experiences in Dubai and on board our luxury yachts. It’s easy to connect with our advisors who can change your vacations for the better. Ask us when to visit Dubai, or how much it costs to rent a boat for the new year’s celebration.  If you’re looking for a travel experience that goes above and beyond an average yacht charter in Dubai, these are just a few of the most intriguing topics to spark your spirit of discovery. 

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  • How much is to rent a yacht in Dubai?
    Yacht rentals in Dubai have different prices, depending on the type of yacht you select and the add-ons you chose. A luxury yacht which is not older than 2 years or which has been refitted recently will cost more than an older and seasoned yacht. In general, these are the things to consider when renting a yacht for a day: 1. Yacht rental in Dubai with dinner. You can go for a small yacht rental in Dubai with alcohol and food or even a yacht rental in Dubai vegetarian with alcohol, but it might not be a cheap yacht rental. Most small yachts outsource food and beverages to restaurants and catering services, and simply transfer the price to you, the client. We prepare food and catering services with our own resources, so we are able to offer attractive rates and design the menu to your preference, but for those companies that can't do that you'll have to factor in some additional cost. If you rent a yacht in Dubai, especially for a couple or for two or four guests you would be better off if you brought your own food and alcohol. 2. Yacht rental in Dubai for birthdays Celebrating a birthday on a yacht in Dubai is always a memorable experience because to the fun of the occasion you add the glamour of the surrounding. You can take stunning pictures that will look great on Instagram, sunbathe with your besties, swim or dance and party on the yacht flybridge. Our suggestion is to rent a yacht with a BBQ grill, so you can bring your own food and have it cooked by the crew while you enjoy a chilled drink and listen to your favorite tunes. How much does a yacht party cost in Dubai then? Here is the fun part, shop for a Dubai Marina yacht rental birthday package in Yallabanana, Sum or TripAdvisor. You might find a cheap option there, but if you can’t find what you want, opt for a bareboat charter, but make sure the yacht rental company provides cutleries, cups, basic decorations and has a sound system that you can connect to with Bluetooth so your music will sound great. 3. What is the cheapest yacht rental in Dubai Marina? Unfortunately, there is no fix answer. For many people price is the only factor while deciding which company to go with. Don’t be attracted to extremely cheap rates as you may very well find yourself cruising on a smelly old wreck, facing incomprehensible crew and poor service. Compare the prices of the companies that you screen, and opt for the one that suit all your specifications. Read more on the topics on our article Don’t rent a yacht in Dubai Marina before you read this.
  • Can I pay a yacht rental in Dubai with credit card?
    Sail Serene Yacht Charter and Boat Rental in Dubai offers easy payment methods. The most common is through internet Gateway. After you have received our confirmation about your luxury yacht rental, we will send you a link by email. When you click on the link you will be directed to a bank payment page showing all the details of the yacht rental and the amount to be paid. You can then enter your credit card details and make the purchase. We take all major national and international credit cards. Alternatively, you can pay cash or through bank transfer. Some of our small yachts do not take credit card payments on board because they do not have the POS terminal. Please ask in advance if you plan to use the credit card on board. Total or partial payment? We require 50% of the total cost to be paid at the time of booking and the rest by cash or through bank transfer or payment gateway (internet link) before we sail. If for some reason you cannot attend, we can postpone the trip to another day of your choice, if not already booked, or we can refund the money according to our cancellation policy.
  • How to rent a yacht in Dubai with Sail Serene?
    The easiest way is to contact us by WhatsApp, phone, email or by pressing the Booking Enquiry buttons on the website. Once we know your requirement for your luxury yacht rental (i.e., yacht rental for couples, for birthday, yacht party, yacht event, fishing trip in Dubai, etc.) we will give you our best yacht match with the best yacht rental price. If you accept, we will block the yacht for the day and time chosen and arrange for you to make the payment. We require 50% payment at the time of booking and 50% before we depart, either by link (additional 3% processing fees), bank transfer or cash handed directly to the captain. Depending on your requirement we can provide food and beverages but a luxury yacht charter with Sail Serene always includes water, soft drinks and juices. You can bring your own food and alcoholic beverages to consume on board the yacht and we will happily serve the food on elegant serving platers, provide cutleries, cups, napkins, plates, a small quantity of ice and coolers. We require our guests to arrive at the yacht in Dubai Marina or Dubai Harbour 10 minutes before departure. Children up to the age of 12 will be provided with a lifejacket which they will have to wear at all times. Although it is customary to remove the shoes while on board a yacht, rubber soles shoes, rubber sandals and flip flops are allowed. Towels are also available for rent on board for a small fee (AED 25 each).
  • What is there to see and do on board a yacht in Dubai?
    When you decide to charter a yacht in Dubai Marina, your journey of discovery begins before you even come on board. Dubai Marina offers a multitude of options, from shopping at the Marina Mall to trying the world's first “AI-based robotic cooking” at Robochef in Marina Plaza or walk along the promenade. For sure, when you come on board you will be in the right mode for a fun and enjoyable day out at sea. The captain will give you a safety brief before departure and ask you if you have a particular itinerary in mind. If you don’t, we will offer you some choices and sail the turquoise waters of the Arabian gulf and let you experience the spectacular views of the Dubai Skyline (JBR, Blue Waters Island, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, Burj al Arab and Skydive Dubai). Our all-times favorite tour on Yallabanana is called Dubai 2-hour Yacht Tour or on TripAdvisor Dubai Yacht Tour Our policy, as a yacht charter company in Dubai is to always include complementary cold bottled water, soft drinks and juices. You can bring your own food and alcohol to consume on board unless you decide to hire a yacht with the alcohol package included. In that case the cost of hiring the boat will include the alcohol package per person for maximum 4 hours. In fact, we do not offer yacht charter cruises overnight, so if you plan to rent a party yacht for more than 4 hours with the drink package included the price will be slightly higher. What kind of boat hire would you suggest? It depends on two main factors: 1. The number of people you plan to have on board and type. 2. The purpose of your yacht rental in Dubai. Number of People The number of people will most likely determine the size of the boat based on the capacity. The majority of yacht charter companies in Dubai Marina and Dubai Harbour have standard model yachts, which means they were built and intended for family use, so although the length of the boats is high, they might only carry a handful of passengers. It is not unusual to find a 50 ft yacht with the capacity, that is number of passengers allowed on board, of 8 people. You do not want to hire those yachts because the price of the yacht rental will not be cheap and the space to spread out and move around will be limited. Our yachts are all custom-built to accommodate large groups or individuals that do not want to be crammed and squeezed in a corner during their yacht party, family celebration, or chill-out dinner. Purpose of your yacht rental in Dubai If your main purpose is to have thrilled and adrenaline adventures, you might want to go for a speed boat hire. If you are hands on and like to feel like a captain for a day, you might choose to go for a self-drive boat hire in Dubai. If you want to hire these types of boats, we can direct you to yacht charter companies that can provide cheap rental boats, or even jet ski hire, in Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek. If your purpose is to rent a small luxury yacht for family, private parties, or business events, then we are the best yacht rental company in Dubai. No detail is too small or too big, and no matter what your requirements are, we probably have it covered. Get in touch with us and a personal advisor will be able to assist you easily and smoothly 24/7.
  • What do you wear to a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina?
    If you opt for a sunset dinner cruise at Dubai Marina you have two options: 1. Luxury megayacht 5-star dinner cruise from Dubai Marina Pier 7 2. Luxury dhow cruise from Dubai Marina. These are luxury dinner cruises and the price can vary according to the package you choose, from standard ones with 5-star catered buffet food and soft drinks, to VIP service with reserved seats, premium alcoholic beverages and fast pre-boarding lounge. What to wear on a dinner cruise in Dubai is a question we hear frequently. Although the dress code is pretty flexible, we suggest you dress semi-formally or for the glamorous stars, just “dress to impress”. High hills and trendy dresses are welcome. After all we are in the most glamorous and iconic city of the world! Have a look at our gallery and judge for yourself.
  • Can I play my music on a yacht in Dubai?
    Yes. You can play your music on small yacht rentals in Dubai. All our yachts are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems that are either built in or that can be moved around depending on your preferences. If you opt for a party yacht rental, we can provide the music or you can connect your device to our sound system via Bluetooth and play your music on the yacht. We have charging cables for almost every phone so your device battery will never quit on you. Our luxury yachts have 220V power outlets. For mega-yachts private charters in Dubai we allocate space and assistance if you like to bring in your own DJ, otherwise we can provide DJ services for a fee or play music from our playlists. When we are in the open sea, the volume to play your music on the yacht depends on your preferences and comfort. However, when close to Dubai Marina, Dubai Harbour and the Palm we will turn the volume down to a soft level as required by local rules.
  • When is the best time to rent a yacht in Dubai?
    Really every time is a good time to rent a yacht in Dubai. It all depends on a few factors, and you need to be aware of those before you decide to hire a boat in Dubai. The best months of the year to rent a yacht in Dubai. The best months to rent a yacht with captain in Dubai are the Winter months, usually from September to April. If your vacation or plans will not allow that, can you still rent a yacht in the Summer in Dubai? The answer is absolutely yes BUT you need to make sure that the yacht is air-conditioned; that it has a large flybridge so you can feel the breeze when you are outdoor, and that the yacht has a canopy to provide a shaded area away from the direct sun. The best time of the day to rent a luxury yacht in Dubai Marina. During the winter months you can pick your party yacht rental any time of the day. If you like to rent a yacht for swimming, for Jet Ski riding or to have brunch on the yacht in Dubai, then the morning to late afternoon hours is preferred. If you rent a yacht for couples or a private sunset cruise to see the majestic Dubai skyline, then the early evening is the best time to rent a yacht in Dubai. Shared Dinner cruises in Dubai Marina usually leave around 7.30 pm and return around 10.30 pm. These are shared cruises where you buy a ticket and enjoy 5-star catered buffet food and various drink packages, but you don’t get to choose the timings or the itinerary. Finally, private yacht rental at night or late afternoon are ideal for autumn and summer months. The bonus? You get to be mesmerized by Dubai light shows, fireworks and drone shows in front of Ain Dubai on Blue Waters Island almost every night.

The organization of my wife's birthday party was memorable. Thank you!

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